What is the Lender’s Role in Foreclosure?

September 9, 2010

A lender in a foreclosure is the entity holding a borrower’s mortgage loan and will most times want to foreclose on a property to protect its own interest. If the borrower falls behind on payments, a foreclosure sale will sometimes allow the lender to recoup some of the credit that they extended to the borrower.

The lender is obliged by law to inform the borrower of their intent to conduct a foreclosure sale on the property. The lender’s role in the foreclosure is to track your timely payments on your mortgage, and contact you should you fall behind. The lender involved in the foreclosure will have the information on what is due in order to stop the foreclosure process. If you receive a foreclosure notice from your lender (or someone acting on your lender’s behalf), you should call your lender right away. The longer you wait, the more your options diminish and the closer you get to losing your home.

The further along the foreclosure goes; the lender will also be the person to inform you of the pending sale date. They will do this themselves or, more typically, through a trustee.


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