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July 13, 2010

By Bankruptcy Attorney, Kara O’Donnell
Quincy and Hingham, MA

Because my last two blog entries on this have been so frequently viewed, I’ve decided to provide more information about H.R. 5618: Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010.

Within the past two weeks, over a million of long-time unemployed (those over 33 weeks) unexpectedly lost perhaps their only source of income – their unemployment check. With just the quick stroke of a pen, the Republicans defeated the bill that could have extended (once again) the program to allow families to continue to put food on their tables and stay out of foreclosure. Luckily, a second “stand alone” bill was introduced. This stand alone bill was dedicated to the topic of unemployment benefits without being weighed down by the multiple other issues regarding banks, hedge fund manager regulation, etc.


Senate Debating Unemployment Benefits Extension Now: Call Now
13 Jul 2010 The U.S. Senate reconvened at 1 pm Eastern Time Monday, and H.R.5618, the Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010 is on the list of things to vote on.

The Washington Post says Senate Republicans have said they would not vote for stimulus bills that included unemployment extensions, saying any new spending must be offset by cuts elsewhere. With the extensions expired at least temporarily, more than 2 million Americans have lost their unemployment benefits, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

One site notes, “As of now, about 2.5 million unemployed citizens will be without basic unemployment assistance, which averages just about $300 a week and equates to 74 percent of the poverty level for a family of four people. Congress, in passing H.R. 5618, reiterated the depressing statistics: for every available job, there are five unemployed people who need work. A crisis of this proportion has not been seen in the United States for over 50 years.”

Please keep the pressure on and call the Congressional Switchboard is (202) 224-3121. Please call now and tell your senators to vote YES on the extension! Massachusetts: SCOTT BROWN and JOHN KERRY.

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