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July 8, 2010

H.R. 5618 Unemployment Extension Cleared the House
July 2, 2010

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the House passed the latest version of an unemployment extension bill, H.R. 5618 Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act however, the Senate was attending memorial services for Senator Robert C. Byrd, and did not have a chance to act on the measure.

The bill would extend the unemployment extensions until the end of November without the additional $25 per week (FAC) from the Stimulus fund. It would pay retroactive benefits for claimants that had their benefits expire June 2 due the Republican Party filibuster against their own bill H.R. 4213.

The bill passed the House last evening with a vote of 270 to 152 with 10 Representative abstaining. Joining the Democratic Leadership in attempting to provide for America’s jobless were 21 Republican Congressional members.

Representative McDermott (D-WA) a long time supporter of America’s middle class and unemployed along with Chairman Levin (D-MI) of the Ways and Means Committee sponsored the bill currently titled, Federal Employment Programs.

Currently the funding of the Bill is labeled an emergency under the PAYGO rules and will in all likelihood face the same opposition in the Senate as the current stalled bill. Nonetheless, unemployed American’s will be facing another national holiday, our “Independence Day” without help from the nations Party of NO, the Republican Party that had numerous chances over the past 6 months to provide for America’s unemployed and chose once again not to.

The Republicans have chosen to remain loyal to their rich campaign donors while leaving nearly 2 million American families without, by blocking passage of any additional emergency aid to the nations unemployed.

The GOP appears to be gearing up with a hidden agenda to allow their rich friends, and recipients of TARP monies for a round two of splurge of wealth by benefiting from the resale of the millions of homes that face foreclosure now along with, the many foreclosures the Republican Party is creating in the near future.

Since, the Republicans realize that stalling and forcing families out to the streets, homes will in fact foreclose. This will allow their rich campaign donors to swoop down and scoop up properties that have lost value, and essentially paid for via interest payments on existing mortgages, only to dump them back out on the market for “round two” of the Wall Street “Dash for the Cash” .

Once again, it becomes intuitively obvious that the Greedy Old Party has found a way to make cash during this, the worst recession in the nation’s history. In the 80’s it was narcotics, laundering cash wherever they could now, it has become a streamlined process. A reduced risk of losing capital in the market by simply making a trillion dollars available to their rich friends, ignore the middle class and siphon as much cash as possible in interest payments from the “second-class citizens” dump them on the streets by cutting off their cash flow, and sell the product (real estate) again. What a brilliant swindle, and apparently being kept legal by the GOP at the same time.

Meanwhile, the jobs numbers are out and surprise, the number of people collecting long-term unemployment has fallen. Another great way of making the GOP looking great for this Novembers mid-term elections although, the job ratio is still out there in many places as 5-to-1 that is, 5 unemployed looking for the same job. Overall, the recession does appear to be stabilizing with the number of jobs lost almost halved since the Bush administration took their permanent vacation versus the temporary vacation they were on for ten years, and left Washington, D.C.

All this, and the unemployed will be left waiting an additional 10 days not knowing how to feed their families, keep a roof over their head, and pay those mounting bills. The question is; will H.R. 5618 simply become another stalled bill in the Senate thanks to the Republican Party, or will this bill provide the relief millions of American families so desperately need?

Kara O’Donnell, Esq.
Quincy, Massachusetts

Posted by Kara O’Donnell


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