Changes in MA Bankruptcy Law effective November 1, 2009

October 11, 2009

by Attorney Kara O’Donnell of Quincy, MA

Effective November 1, 2009, the median income numbers for
Massachusetts are being revised. (Please see below for the data.)

This means that:
– for a household of ONE it is somewhat harder to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
– for a household of TWO it is somewhat easier
– for households of THREE and FOUR it is somewhat harder.

By “somewhat harder” I mean that the median income figure has been reduced from the number previously used. This means that fewer people will be able to qualify for a Chapter 7 (full discharge) bankruptcy. For the household of two, it will be somewhat easier in that the median income figure has been increased by over $4,000 in annual income. As such, MORE people in this category will be eligible to file for Chapter 7.

If you find that your income excludes you from being able to file for Chapter 7, you may still be eligible for Chapter 13 (repayment plan). Only by contacting a bankruptcy attorney will you be able to make a FULLY INFORMED decision as to what is best for you and your specific circumstances. Call Attorney Kara O’Donnell at (857) 526-1355 today to discuss your Massachusetts bankruptcy filing options.


The United States Department of Justice has released the Census Bureau
State Median Family Income By Family Size figures for means test
calculations on Bankruptcy Cases filed on or after November 1, 2009.
The new figures are available on the U.S. Trustee’s website.

These figures apply only to cases filed on or after November 1, 2009.

For Massachusetts, the new State Median Family Income figures are as follows:
Family of 1: $53,505
Family of 2: $69,451
Family of 3: $82,591
Family of 4*: $99,648
*Add $6,900 for each individual member in excess of 4.
The previous Median Income figures used for cases filed October 31,
2009 or BEFORE are:

Updated Massachusetts median family income numbers effective March 15, 2009:

Household Size – Annual Income
1 – $54,842
2 – $66,437
3 – $83,104
4 – $100,280
5 – $107,180
6 – $114,080
7 – $120,980
8 – $127,880

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